Brice – Tussing (Columbus) Market Analysis

In the summer of 2014, the City of Columbus engaged a group of visionaries led by Pete DiSalvo and DiSalvo Development Advisors (DDA), to conduct a market analysis of the Brice-Tussing neighborhood.  In addition to DDA, the consulting team consisted Urban Decision Group, EDGE Group and Side Street Planning.


The Brice-Tussing area of Columbus was once a vibrant and viable retail district on the far east side of the city.  Over the years, retail activity shifted even further east and suddenly the area found itself out of favor with retailers of all sizes.  The preponderance of big box retail made the decline even more noticeable when preferences began to shift.

The Task

Tired of watching the Brice-Tussing area languish, the City engaged an enterprising team of consultants to study the area and identify opportunities for redevelopment.  During the study process, the team met with a variety of stakeholders including several local area commissions, residents, commercial realtors, local business leaders and potential investors.  Data was poured over and parcels were scrutinized for highest and best use as well as optimal land use and zoning.


The plan is currently in the final stages of development.  In the interim, here is a page dedicated to the project and maintained by the City of Columbus.  Here you can read a midterm draft of the plan as well as view several display boards that were generated for the various open houses.

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