Urban Planning

Urban Decision Group is, at heart, a planning firm. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes for communities large and small. We’re committed to keeping planning practices in line with the latest and greatest technological tools available, but we’re also good for old fashioned planning products such as market analyses, comprehensive land-use plans, and development guidelines. Below are some of the planning-specific services offered by UDG. Let us know if you have any questions.

Comprehensive Planning

Traditional comprehensive planning depends on understanding current conditions, identifying community goals, and collecting and analyzing data before finally drafting and implementing the plan itself. Urban Decision Group combines these traditional planning methods with up to date local data, Geographic Information Systems, web-based participation and outreach, and superior maps and graphics to produce the most informative and rounded plan possible.

Economic Development

The purpose of most projects is to create opportunities. There are a dizzying number of federal, state, and local programs that can impact your project. Urban Decision Group helps your project spur economic development by guiding you through the direct and indirect effects of these government programs and by quantifying their impacts.

Economic development has never been as important as it is today. By modeling the direct and indirect consequences of policy to employment, payroll, and the regional economy, Urban Decision Group provides the information necessary to get your project green lit.

Market Analysis

Examining current and anticipated market conditions is an important step for developers, planners, investors and stakeholders. Urban Decision Group believes a well-executed plan or project needs supporting data. Urban Decision Group’s Planning Analytics is a top-down, data driven approach to determining market conditions in a variety of areas including retail, office, industrial, agriculture, public and recreation. If your project or plan requires a more in depth market analysis, including comprehensive housing market analysis, Urban Decision Group has partners in this field with decades of experience.

Sustainability Analysis

Several years ago, Urban Decision Group pioneered a GIS-based technique to help cities, counties, and states quantify the sustainability and efficiency of a geographic area. Each project is unique, but the output is always amazing. We produce maps that show where wasteful endeavors and inefficient projects occur. A picture is worth a thousand words and there is no picture more important than one that can guide your resources to their best and highest use.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Wayfinding is an important, but often overlooked component of an area’s first impression. If visitors to your region, city, neighborhood or complex indicate frustration in finding the way from point A to B, then you need to improve your wayfinding techniques. Urban Decision Group can improve your area’s wayfinding through traditional signs and maps, mobile applications, and optimized visibility within online maps like Google or Bing.


Urban Decision Group believes that all successful plans or projects require communities and other stakeholders to have a consistent vision of their future. The visioning process develops these ideal futures and leads stakeholders towards consensus. Through the use of visual aids, feedback mechanisms, and solid leadership, Urban Decision Group has successfully led visioning sessions for a variety of projects and plans. We help you reach your goals by first defining them.