Geographic Information Systems are the tools for location-based information. Urban Decision Group has an extensive GIS database system and years of experience creating maps, models and training companies on best practices. Below are some of the GIS-related services offered by UDG. Please contact us to request further information.

GIS Consulting and Training

Over 75% of all public and private data has spatial components. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the tool for managing and analyzing this spatial information. Here at Urban Decision Group, we believe GIS should be a key element in any organization’s information technology infrastructure. UDG provides GIS consulting services to help you take advantage of this powerful analysis tool. Whether you are implementing a GIS for the first time or building on top of an established GIS, Urban Decision Group will help you get the most out of your data.

Spatial Modeling and Analysis

A Geographic Information System is a great tool to build and execute predictive models for a variety of scenarios. Modeling answers questions like, “Where is the city likely to grow?” and “What kind of sales can I expect from a new store in this location?” Urban Decision Group uses the best of today’s computing technology to test hundreds of planning, building, and economic scenarios to answer “what if…?”

GIS Outsourcing

Are you a small to mid-size firm that would like to utilize the power of a GIS but don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of purchasing the hardware and software, staffing and training employees, and acquiring and integrating the data? If so, Urban Decision Group provides GIS outsourcing services that provide all the advantages of having a full-time GIS department at a fraction of the cost.

Districting, Territory Design and Market Area Delineation

Establishing valid districts, sales territories, or trade areas is essential to running an efficient operation. Schools must consider a range of factors when establishing or changing district boundaries. Large companies seek optimized sales territories to gain an advantage over competition. Market analysts identify and use valid trade areas to determine project feasibility. Urban Decision Group has experience with thousands of territory design projects and knows that a well organized GIS is the key to success.

Spatial Forensics

Understanding why a project succeeds or fails is not an easy endeavor. All projects have hundreds of potential contributing factors, but they all have one thing in common: location. Location is the single most important element of almost any project. Urban Decision Group uses its pioneering GIS methodology to dig deeper into the influence of your development or project.

Digital and Paper Mapping

Maps provide an imaginative approach to illustrating data. Maps are familiar to everyone and are great at communicating abstract concepts and data in an easily digestible format. Urban Decision Group has produced over 10,000 digital and paper maps for clients in a wide variety of industries such as education, market analysis, education, politics and of course, urban planning. Urban Decision Group can create a custom digital solution for your project using web-based map servers, a spatially enabled PDF, or paper maps in any size.

Site Selection

Maybe you have a site and you’re unsure of its highest and best use, or maybe you’re looking for the optimal location for your business. Connecting the right site to the right development can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t throw darts at a map. Urban Decision Group can help you either find that perfect site or determine your land’s optimal use.

Site and Amenity Mapping

Many states require amenity mapping and scoring as part of a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) application. Urban Decision Group has access to several business and services databases which can take a lot of the pain out of this process. Urban Decision Group will go to great lengths to ensure the data is accurate and timely. Our clients are low income housing market analysts and housing developers.